Our colleague


Tamás Hajnal

In 2000 I graduated in economics at the University of Debrecen with a degree in finance and accounting, and in 2007 I graduated in law from Pázmány Péter Catholic University.

At the beginning of my career, after Raiffeisen Bank's internship program, I also financed dozens of acquisitions and several M&A transaction advisory tasks on the buyer and seller side of CIB Bank's Investment Banking Business for 8 years and then I was the head of CIB Bank SME Credit Approval in southwest Hungary for 2 years. I continued to work in the restructuring and pre-workout area of MKB Bank real estate projects, then I moved to the capital side, the IT Venture Capital Fund Manager belonging to the MFB group, where I worked as investment director. I worked in the capital investment field of MFB-Invest Zrt., then from 2017 I became the investment director of the seed area of Hiventures and a member of the Magvető Investment Committee, where, with my leadership, the team implemented investments of over 50 pieces, while examining thousands of investment opportunities. I have been helping the Chairman and CEO of Széchenyi Funds for almost 4 years now as a CEO consultant.

Overall, I have nearly 25 years of experience in startups, SMEs and large corporate credit and capital transactions, and I have completed FB and IG memberships of dozens of companies. I am currently a member of the board of directors of listed DM-Ker Plc. and chairman of the supervisory board of Cafe Frei and Billingó companies, and I am also a mentor of the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator, the Founder Institute.