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“I don't look backwards as so many of my compatriots, but rather forward.”

Count István Széchenyi, Hungarian businessman and polititian (1791-1860)

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Startup exit closed with a record amount in Hungary

Gránit bank

Gránit bank

The first digital banking business model in Hungary

Cer Cargo

Cer Cargo

Hungary and Central Europe's leading rail freight company


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“We believe that human resources are the most valuable resources of any company. Thanks to Széchenyi Funds, our clients no longer need to waste talent on repetitive communication ever again.”
Ákos Deliága
Talk-A-Bot CEO, Co-Founder
“We found a reliable, stable institutional investor in Széchenyi Funds. They supported us throughout the most difficult times, from the first stock market appearance to the public offering and beyond.”
Viktor Szekeres
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gloster Plc
“AutoWallis Group, the car company of the Hungarian stock exchange, has found a professional investment partner in Széchenyi Funds.”
Zsolt Müllner
Chairman of the AutoWallis Group Board

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Our goal is to improve the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy, develop innovative industries, and help domestic enterprises become stock exchangers. What does this mean?
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Take advantage of the development opportunitiesthat Hungary's “top 3” investment team, nearly 50 colleagues from IB/PE/VC/M&A background, can provide you with more than 100 years of general investment experience and 300+ years of investment transaction experience.
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In an investment company, the spin is continuous, the events also happen in relation to portfolio companies. Some news is important to report publicly.

Széchenyi Funds and the University of Óbuda have founded a joint start-up investment company. The main task of the new company is to turn the theoretical scientific results accumulated at the university into practical economic success.
The Széchenyi Funds will invest 10 million euros into the latest capital fund of 500 Emerging Europe, an American investor company.
Géza Deme is the new chairman and CEO of the fund manager

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