Our investments

The aim of our investments is to enrich Hungary with new and newer success stories similar to the following.

Our partners are companies in a mature phase with dynamic growth potential.


Our biggest financial success to date. As a result of years of investment process, Stellantis, the owner of Opel, Fiat and Peugeot, among others, acquired one of Hungary's most innovative startups for a record amount. AiMotive is one of the world's largest independent teams developing the backend technology for driving automation in the areas of artificial intelligence, sensor data fusion, 3D graphics and hardware needs for autonomous driving systems.


In April 2020, we invested HUF 764 million in the technology group at an exchange rate of HUF 200. The company ended the most successful year in its history in 2022. On the sub-export two years later, we realized more than fourfold exchange rate gains.


He is one of the longest operating independent venture capital fund managers in the CEE region. We invested HUF 5.6 billion in Euroventures' fifth fund, which increased its size to HUF 16.7 billion. With this, Széchenyi Funds became the largest investor.


The AutoWallis Group is present in 14 countries of the CEE region with retail and wholesale trade of vehicles and parts, service services and short- and long-term vehicle rental. Revenue exceeded HUF 270 billion by 2022.

Gránit Bank

Since its foundation in 2010, GRÁNIT Bank has been offering state-of-the-art online banking solutions and digital financial services in order to provide an outstanding customer experience, to be a stable partner for value-creating businesses — and for us it is an excellent investment. 

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Billingo is one of the fastest growing players in the Hungarian fintech industry. The 550+ functions of its administration program are already used by more than one hundred and seventy thousand online billing clients.

Cafe Frei

The first Café Frei café was opened in Hungary in April 2007, and since then their network has been expanding continuously. Today they have grown to be the largest coffee shop chain in the country. Thanks to their unique franchise system, they operate their cafes from France to Dubai. Thanks to the 1.6 billion HUF agreement with the Széchenyi Funds, a plant with a capacity of 2000 tonnes per year was built in Szécsény in just 7 months, which transformed from a catering service provider to a food industry manufacturer.

Cer Cargo

With continuous development, they have become the leading rail freight transport company in Hungary and the Central European region. The measure of their quality policy: precision, without compromise.


The company was founded in 2004 with the determination to play a role in locksmith, steel construction and construction works. In the meantime, they have achieved their development into a dominant company in their region and become a permanent player in the market in the long run.


Founded in 1997, Masterplast Group is the largest Hungarian-owned building materials manufacturing company in the Central European region and a major supplier partner of domestic building materials trading enterprises.


Our partners say about us

"We believe that human resources are the most valuable asset of any company. Thanks to the Széchenyi Funds, our clients no longer have to waste talent on repetitive communication over and over again."
“We found a reliable, stable institutional investor in Széchenyi Funds. They supported us throughout the most difficult times, from the first stock market appearance to the public offering and beyond.”
Viktor Szekeres
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gloster Plc
“AutoWallis Group, the car company of the stock exchange, has found a professional investment partner in the person of Széchenyi Funds.”
Zsolt Müllner
Chairman of the AutoWallis Group Board

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See an opportunity for further success? We are the financial partner to help you achieve it.
Convince us with your professional team and business plan.