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Startup exit closed with a record amount in Hungary

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The multi-year investment process, as a result of which Stellantis, the owner of Opel, Fiat and Peugeot among others, acquired one of Hungary's most innovative startups, Aimotive, which develops self-driving technologies, ended with the greatest success of the Széchenyi Funds to date. 

AiMotive is one of the world's largest independent teams developing the backend technology for driving automation. The ecosystem of self-driving software, automotive simulation tools and AI acceleration hardware supports the proliferation of affordable self-driving systems. The company's team has special expertise in the areas of artificial intelligence, sensor data fusion, 3D graphics and the hardware needs of self-driving systems.

We realized in our time that automobiles will soon be increasingly based on software. The concept of “self-driving car” has become commonplace recently, with thousands of engineers around the world working to create a true self-driving car. And although several have already declared themselves winners in this competition, the task is obviously much more complex than what many had previously hoped for. 

In addition to developing autonomous driving technology, AiMotive has developed a system of frameworks and tools that can help other developers gradually equip their cars with autonomous driving capability. As it has been proven, these professional developments have really tangible value in this market.

László Kishonti, Chief Executive Officer

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