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Cafe Frei

Coffees, cakes, hot chocolates, health drinks, teas and countless homemade products, interesting recipes, special flavour combinations. With us, guests can “taste” the world. They can make an exciting journey of taste with their tongues across five continents of the world. Our drinks are always made from freshly roasted, hand-picked, arabica plantation-coffee rarities. At Cafe Frei we only offer seventy half of the coffee drink to our guests, because we have all the major “coffee cuisine” (Italian, French, Japanese, Arabic, American, Latin).

Meanwhile, “proudly Hungarian”.

We have our own roasting and packaging plant in Szécsény, where we roast raw coffees imported from nearly twenty countries on three continents under manufactory conditions, which form the basis of our seventy types of coffee drinks. We built our bakery producing cakes and ice cream in Pásztó, supplemented with considerable freezing capacity. We currently provide work for more than 300 colleagues in our factories and cafes. We buy most of our raw materials directly from producers, both in Hungary and abroad. For us, this is Conscientious Trade.

We know almost every grower personally. We only buy green coffee from verified sources. We strive to add more and more organic organic coffee into our drinks and bring them to our roasting plant in Hungary without the profit of the resellers, that is, saving the wallets of our guests.

Thanks to the 1,6 billion HUF agreement with Széchenyi Funds, we have slowly become a food industry manufacturer from a catering service provider, and while we appear more and more prominently on the shelves of small circle, we have become the largest coffee chain in Hungary.