Startup Safari, an outstanding event arranged for the fourth time, will soon be held in Budapest with over 300 programmes on more than 70 locations. Through a diverse agenda, the professional initiative allows visitors and entrepreneurs-to-be to gain substantial information, experience and relationships. Let’s take a look at, including but not limited to, the programs to be expected at the Startup Safari this year!

Held between 17 and 19 April, the three-day event allows participants to experience the many programmes related to startups by visiting company offices, social offices, restaurants and even bars located in Budapest. Organizers of the event are expecting over 5000 participants, including startups, students, founders, freelancers and investors.

The three-day event will cover useful topics for companies and startups looking for venture capital investments at a certain point. Validation is one of them, meaning how to find out if there is demand for the product on the market or not (Digital Natives, Testbirds), which is an important question that no venture capital firm would neglect when it comes to a potential investment. Hi5 will display the process to get from a one-pager to the exit, or in other words, the influence investors might have on a certain project. One can take a peek behind the curtain of Bitrise, a company previously financed by actor and investor Ashton Kutcher and Gyula Fehér, founder of Ustream. Limited Capacity will help you clarify on the subject of investors by summarizing the types of investors on the market and their compatibilities with certain enterprises. SparkLabs Group shares the recipe of successfull startups, including the first steps, the features of a good team, and the financing opportunities available to startups.

The programme held by SGBK Lawyers and Patent Agents aims to give answers on the subject of corporate law, competition law and research and development related to intellectual work. Kairos Europe will examine design thinking by demonstrating an innovative company in 6 different steps. StartItUp will present the formation of a startup ecosystem in Győr, its current status and their relevant programs. At the social office workshop of Loffice, participating experts will be able to discuss the roles of business and individual, while the financed startups of BNL Start Partners will present about the difficulties of being a startupper. The main topics of the programme are the problems related to product development and team building, acquiring the first customers and the difficulties of raising a new funding round. Related to „The People Book For Founders”, a book about the problems of arrangements and human resources a startup can have, the topic of startups’ usual mistakes in the growth stage will also be discussed.

Péter Halácsy, founding partner of Budapest School and Prezi, will hold a presentation on what a school can learn from startups, and Mik Stroyberg, founder of Good Monday will introduce participants an office management platform that is adjustable to individual needs. Moreover, several unique and diverse topics include confident apprearance at the workplace, cybersecurity, technology, big data, UI design, digital nomads, sustainability, and companies like Coca Cola, UNICEF, Grow with Google, Talentuno (which has recently raised EUR 4 million), T-Systems, KPMG, Tresorit and LogMeIn will also represent themselves at the event.

Among the presenters of Startup Safari, coding bootcamp firm GreenFox will also attend the event. The company has recently received a HUF 300 million venture capital investment led by Irinyi II. Venture Capital Fund managed by Széchenyi Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd. and the angel investment team of Baconsult led by Péter Balogh. In response of the demands by labour market, more people are willing to shift from various professions to software engineering: participants can get to know students previously active at creative fields – as graphic artists, designers, photographers, – their motivations on why they chose to learn programming, and their methods that allowed them to harness their previously acquired skills and knowledge.

Since the key in the success of startups lies in education, organizers of Startup Safari (with the support of EPAM) have decided to provide free entrance for more than 250 primary and secondary school students across Hungary for the events of the Startup Safari.

For more information on the programmes and the tickets, please visit the website of the event.